new babbage photo montage

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Babbage, a Photo-montage

Mr. Eddie Haskell, a prolific and astute photographer in SL, took a moment to produce a extensive view of Port Babbage (I think there are a few other locales buttressing against the background, but the bulk is in the Port). The video was produced for those who are a bit new to Steampunk, or in his own words…

Port Babbage is an area of New Babbage, a Steampunk community in the Virtual World of Second Life ( The setting reminds the photographer of this film, Second Life’s Eddi Haskell, of how a British City would have looked in 1887, at the time of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, if Charles Babbage’s computer were actually built in 1831. Advances such as electrical power and manned flying machines would have certainly arrived earlier. But coal-based pollution would have tinged the sky a foggy green, ,and required light during daytime hours, just as it did in industrial cities in 1871.

Kudos, sir, on a job well done!

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