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Friday, October 3, 2008

New Babbage: R.F. Burton Memorial Library Grand Opening this Weekend!

Photo of Miss Red Llewellyn at the pre-opening of the R.F. Burton Memorial Library of New Babbage

Perhaps the largest Steampunk event this weekend is the Grand Opening of the R.F. Burton Memorial Library of New Babbage… but perhaps I should allow the gracious Miss Capalini provide a more eloquent introduction…

Formal Opening of the R.F. Burton Memorial Library – Everyone is invited

I would like to announce the formal opening of the R. F. Burton Memorial Library in Babbage Canals on October 4th at 5pm SLT. Realizing that most everyone has seen the library, it is high time that there was a formal opening. I would also like to take this opportunity to announce gratefully that Miss Serafina Puchkina has taken the position of head librarian. She has worked very hard to install the books within the walls of the facility, and while we are not done with our additions (always new things to add) we thought we might invite everyone to a small party of library lovers. Everyone is welcome (this includes personages that may be considered of dubious nature; after all, everyone deserves a chance).

Many thanks to Mr. Elihu Leominster for his help in the construction and beautification of the library; to Sir JJ Drinkwater of the Caledonian Library systems for his overwhelmingly gracious help; to Miss Serafina Puchkina for her enthusiasm and work at getting actual books installed; to everyone who contributed to this effort.I would also like to announce some very exciting news.

My cousin and noted Egyptologist, Ghilayne Andrew, has sent me a communiqué that she has found some extraordinary things during her expedition abroad. She is sending me a few items that she thought I might like to display in exhibition at the library. As this communication is rather old, I expect the artifacts could be arriving any day in Port Babbage. If these items arrive in time for the grand opening, I shall of course make it immediately available to the public to view.

Again, everyone is invited.


There you have it! October 4th (Saturday), at 5pm SLT! Hope to see you there!

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