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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: The Clockwork Kingdom

There are many “traditional” Steampunk locations in the Steamlands (e.g. land or sea bound), and there have been a few which were freed from their terrestrial (or maritime) restraints (e.g. Laputa, or the Sky Caravan), but… none have ventured into space as the Clockwork Kingdom has!

A view along the mechanical walkways of the Kingdom

The Clockwork Kingdom is a fantastic creation, floating in what can be best described as the aether – with a fantastic view of the sky, and floating asteroids avoiding its path.  As a unique creation in the Steamlands, I was fortunate to catch up with Mr. Nightshade Sixpence, the very talented owner and builder of the Clockwork Kingdom, and imposed upon him for a few questions…

A view of the Golden Gryphon – 
the central pub and meeting place in the Clockwork Kingdom

SPT: Could you tell a bit about your build’s inception and inspiration?
NS: The main concept is a classic wizard’s Tower.  I took that idea and “steamed it up” into what exists now.

A view of one of the many parks in the Kingdom

SPT: There are a good number of Steampunk sims in SL – what sets yours apart from teh rest?
NS: Metal.  Unlike the other Steamland that focus on the 1800’s themed sims, I focused on a huge metal mechanism, instead of just another “1800’s London” looking sim.

The Bot Factory – one of the many hidden treasures in the Clockwork Kingdom

SPT: What are the most noteable parts of your sim?
NS: I think its is the tower, as it seems that it is where most of the visitors arrive upon landing in the Kingdom.

Mr. Sixpences’ impressive study – replete with a very complete library

SPT: Are there regular events, which people can go to enjoy your build?
NS: Not yet, but should anyone want to host an event or other activity, they are welcome to!

Do take a walk on the beautiful grounds of the Clockwork Kingdom…
Time is never in question!

SPT: Is there anything else you would care to mention about your location?
NS: Please visit the shops!  Lindens keep the cogs turning!

Well, Mr. Nightshade was quite busy, so I had to stop annoying him with my continual questions, but do take a moment to visit one of the newest and fascinating locations in Second Life!  To pay a visit, please turn to…

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