steampunk events 09 10 may 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Steampunk Events: 09-10 May, 2009 (updated)

This Saturday has quite a bit of activity going on in Steampunk and Neo-Victorian realms, including…

What: Synchronized Water Ballet Troup, Belly Up!
Where: The New Champagne Rooms, New Babbage Square
When: Saturday the 9th @ 11 am SLT

The New Champagne Rooms in Babbage Square is proud to announce the spectacular synchronized water ballet troupe, Belly Up! These lovely merfolk put on an amazing show and I hope you all enjoy their outstanding performance! There will be seating on the balcony for folks who want to stay dry while watching the show, but if you care to wear something that can get a bit damp there are still seats around the stage… perhaps floating a bit high above them by that time… but they will be there!

What: Phun Stuph Marketplace Grand Opening
Where: The New Phun Stuph store in the Wallaby Sim
When: Saturday the 9th, starting @ 1pm SLT

The new Phun Stuph will mark its grand opening with a series of competitive speed builds, including a “Random Theme” (@ 1pm SLT), a “Grab Bag” (@ 3pm SLT), and a “Steam Trek” competition (@5pm SLT), with up to L$2000 in each category. Additionally, there will be many hidden freebees and prizes, so make it a point of visit the newest store!

What: Sirens of SK Burlesque
Where: The Siren’s Kiss, Armada
When: Saturday, the 9th @ 2pm SLT

The Sirens of SK Burlesque and their captivating shimmies and shakes will captivate you, Sat 9th @ 2 pm SLT.All proceeds benefiting the SL RFL team, the Cure Chaser’s

Until there is a cure, we dance!! More about the American Cancer Society and their annual fundraiser, Relay for Life can be found @ www.cancer.orgThis event is PG, Bring the family!

What: Victoriana Springtime in Paris Ball
Where: in Victoriana Forest (arrival via Victoriana Hedgemaze Station)
When: Saturday the 9th, @ 2pm SLT

The most spectacular setting designed to imbue with the sense of a flower scented evening in period times. Paris dancing under the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower.

Meet your friends and loved ones beneath the Eiffel Tower in Victoriana, and join us as we dance to a hand picked selection of French Baroque and popular music on Saturday, May 9 2pm SLT at the Springtime in Paris Ball in Victoriana Forest. In addition to dancing and fantastic music weve created some surprises for our guests, so this is one ball in Victoriana you will not want to miss.

What: Trial of the Year (Burton v. Obolensky)
Where: Steelhead Meeting Chambers, Steelhead
When: Saturday the 9th, from 3 to 6 pm, SLT

The case of Eugenia Burton v. Doctor Obolensky will be heard in the Steelhead Meeting Chambers with the Honorable Venerable Broome presiding. The trial is expected to last approximately 3 hours. If you do attend, please remove all HUDs, AO’s, anything that emits pouffers, facelights etc. All weapons are to be left outside of the courtroom. Tensai and Fuzz will be in charge of maintaining civil order. Offending parties will be teleported home.

Babbagés are cautioned that clean air and excess oxygen produced by redwood forests may cause euphoria, overall sense of well-being, and other psychological effects.Visas and soot rebreathers may or may not be available from the Consolate of Europa Wulfenbach offices in Babbage Palisades


Viv Trafalgar

In how many ways do you rock Mr. Fabre? So many ways! Thank you for this excellent guide to the weekend.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Thank you, Miss Trafalgar – I certainly hope that the attendence to the events leads to further such gatherings!
Dr. Fabre

Capt. Red Llewellyn

may i echo those sentiments of my dear friend Miss Viv? you are just BRILLIANT and i’m proud and honoured to be your friend and neighbor!

Belly Up Performance pictures: