new babbages engineer ball was smashing

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Babbage’s Engineer Ball was a smashing success!

Arrival at the Ball – fashionably late (I’ve become quite fashionable recently)

Had the opportunity to attend the first annual Engineer’s Ball in Wheatstone Waterway yesterday evening, and I must say, it was perhaps the best event in New Babbage since its inception.

More dancing…

Though the photos do not display it (as your photographer was busy being chatty…), the sim was quite popular (and laggy) that evening with a peak concurrence of 46 avatars at one point (if I remember the statistics correctly).

Miss Dugan surveys the activity on the floor

It was quite enjoyable to see many individuals who I only knew through the Ning, in person (so to speak).

Dr. Obolensky makes his dramatic entrance!

Fortunately, Miss Tanarian Davies rescued me from remaining a wallflower, and had quite the lively discussion with her throughout the event.

Closing down the Ball…

And as usual the European contingent, aside from being snappy inventors, are also quite the partiers (I think the entire ambassadorial party was present at one point…), so I had the opportunity to bid Skusting and Breezy good evening!

The fountains in the competition

On one last note, I did miss the judging for the Cog Fountains, but if I heard correctly, Miss Nikita Weymann’s entry (the middle fountain) won the competition – kudos to all the entrants (Miss Bela Lubezki, Miss Weymann, and Mr. Greg Merryman) on their hard work, providing three fantastic entries to be judged!

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Skusting Dagger

It was so amazing to see how successful this was! Many thanks to Mayor Sprocket for upping the sim to accommodate all the folks who were there. 46 people at the time that he did that. The visitor count at the end of the event showed an astounding 63 guests! Many thanks, Doctor, from Breezy and I, for your excellent coverage of the event.