new terror of seas sea sleigher

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The new terror of the seas… The Sea Sleigher!

While working on some projects for the new store, I was contacted by my good friend Mr. Zer0 Zhao, and his lovely partner, Ms. Alice Plante for a visit. After some discussions about a broken finger caused by Zer0 (in rl), he said he had a surprise in store for me.

He rezzed what may be known as the “Terror of Christmas” – the Sea Sleigher! A perfectly modded Chase Speculaas ship, it has Christmas colors, Candy Cane cannons – which, instead of explosions when activated, call out the name of the reindeer listed on its port hole cover (“On Dancer, On Blitzen…) – certain to strike fear in his prey from Santa’s’ vengeful wrath, and a proud Santa flag waving in the wind… much scarier than the overused skull and cross bones.

I was told that he intends on using it in the Antiquity Naval Battles – intimidating any who cross his path and giving lumps of coal (iron?) to those who cross his path! One more (excellent) reason to go to the battles!