official opening of antiquarian guild

Friday, January 22, 2010

Official opening of the Antiquarian Guild of Inventors and Engineers!

Yesterday afternoon, the Antiquarian Guild of Inventors and Engineers (AGIE) officially launched its website, with the goal of promoting and encouraging Steampunk artists, craftspersons, designers, engineers, and all other shades of creative Steampunk types into one centralized area.  As their websites states….

The AGIE is a completely non-profit organisation with the aim of bringing together Artists, Inventors & Engineers who enjoy creating antiquitarian mechanical items of high quality for personal and commercial use.

Their home page is replete with a solid foundation for future development – a forum, blog access, portfolio for works, a newsletter, and a comprehensive FAQ.  In fact, Mr. Leonardo Wolfe, the head of said organization, has done a yeoman effort in outlining the goals and intellectual issues that will be used towards the next step of spreading Steampunk to a larger audience.  To learn more about the AGIE, please turn to:

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