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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Poll Question: What is the most important characteristic of a successful Steampunk sim?

The Steeltopia Telescope and Way Station

I took a moment to review some of the blogs that I’ve started and currently attempt to maintain, and realized that I’ve let them go without proper maintenance for a good while.  Deciding where to start wasn’t too difficult, but no, it isn’t with the Tribune, or not as of yet.  I’ve started with polishing up the old Steampunk Travelogue, a blog I began back in October of 2008, when a sim that I happened to enjoy (Solarya) had ended, and didn’t quite think that it was proper for it to simply “pass into the virtual non-existence”.  Did a quick little piece on it, and as Steampunk sims passed, I felt it was my way of providing a bit of an “eulogy” for them.  At one point or another, each sim was someone’s enthusiastic dream, and sadly, for whatever reason, they passed along.

Steelhead Shanhai

This being said, I wondered what was perhaps the outstanding characteristic of a successful Steampunk sim.

Out of the options I’ll provide, one might state that “all” of the options are necessary for a successful sim, but realistically, a Governor/Mayor/Owner/Benign Despot will usually attempt to focus on one aspect.  New Babbage, in its infancy (yes, I was there – I turned over my plot prior to going on sea duty in RL), had an enthusiastic community, but perhaps more importantly, it had outstanding builders who provided a unique look to NB.  Caledon, when it first started (I arrived when Caledon II first appeared, so no, I’m not that “old”), already had a flourishing community, and people flocked to the Independent State it in droves.  The Guv (to my perception) would sell out his sims in literally minutes, as I recall!  Rivet Town focused on Steampunk Role Play, and was a stunning build, but it had a few vexing issues (at least per the old New World Notes article – read it here).

The current crop of emergent Steampunk sims also have their own focuses.  New Baratria and Legacies 1891 focus on Steampunk Role Play, Angeleno Heights and Titus Groan maintain entertainment venues, and the Clockwork Kingdom is an amazing architectural build.  So the new poll question is “What characteristic would you consider is the most important aspect of a successful Steampunk sim?”

Steampunk build and architectural representation – Having a classic Steampunk appearance is key to attracting and keeping individuals in a Steampunk sim.  After all, if a sim claims to be Steampunk, but doesn’t reflect it, there isn’t much point of being in said sim.

Entertainment and events – If there is no reason to visit and enjoy regular entertainment with in the confines of the genre, then a Steampunk sim doesn’t hold my interest.  I want to be entertained, damn you!

Steampunk Role Play – Steampunk is a fanciful background, and I/My avatar enjoy being immersed in a simulation reflecting the period.  I prefer to be “in-character”, and attempt to reflect that in the things in do in-world.

Non-Role Play community – I prefer like-minded individuals who engage in Steampunk, but not necessarily in a Role Play means.  IM’s, in-world chat, and just general banter is the key to a Steampunk sim’s success.

Another Characteristic not listed – Interesting options, but my idea for a successful sim isn’t listed in the above choices.  (Feel free to leave a comment about your preference, if you choose)!

Victoriana Carnival Coastline

I realize that a successful sim is likely to be a combination of all of the above options, but I’ve limited responses to one issue – so do choose your preferred choice!

(Editor’s Note – I’ll be updating the Steampunk Facebook links in the coming weeks, so if you don’t see your Steampunk group listed, please do forward your address, and I’ll endeavor to ensure it is added to the new listing – thank you!)

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