poll results is caledon too big

Monday, January 21, 2008

Poll Results – Is Caledon too Big?

(Port Babbage) – Surprisingly enough, the vote was in favor of further expansion of Caledon go figure! The results of the survey “Is Caledon Too Big”?
Yes, its too big: 33.3%
Its just the right size, not too big, not to small: 16.7%
No, it needs to be bigger: 8.3%
Manifest Destiny Unbridled growth ahead: 41.7%
[Combination of the “Bigger” party = 58.4%]
It would seem that that the desire for Caledon to grow is insatiable! As voting began, the “Manifest Destiny” crowd seemed to be dominating the vote. However, near the end to the selection period, the “Too Big” group made a dramatic upsurge in its voice. Not quite a dead heat, but an interesting divide between the two groups. The “Stay Pat” group was in the minority, and never made any significant gains (my selection lol)!
However, few items of note:
1) I feel that I need to be a bit less flippant offering future choices the combination of “No, it needs to be bigger” and “Manifest Destiny” are essentially the same, with only slight grade of grey. As such, I will combine those for statistical analysis purposes, and be clearer with choices in the future.
2) As I understand it, the expansion of Caledon will end with the remaining four planned sims. Please do not quote me on this, as I cannot attribute this to a specific source. If there is word to the contrary, please let me know!
3) Also, I have understood that Steelhead will be expanding in the near future. Steelhead Harborside is filling out quite smartly, and from what I have seen, it is my opinion (*editorial alert*) that Steelhead will prove to be an excellent destination, especially with its cohesive theme.
4) Additionally, New Babbage is expected to expand in the first part of this year, and Antiquity, well they have recently opened Antiquity Township East, a second urban Victorian sim, growing dramatically since its opening in early August of last year.
Growing Victorian-era sims (Steelhead, Antiquity, New Babbage), more sims joining with Caledon (Winterfell, Brythony Isle), and new sims (Solarya) all point to the growing interest of Victorian and Steampunk themes in Second Life, it would seem. Question is well, that may be another poll!


Baron K. Wulfenbach

Herr Doktor Fabre,

If you will be so kind as to let me correct your comment ‘…more sims joining with Caledon (Winterfell, Brythony Isle)…’.

Winterfell and Brythony Isle have not ‘joined with’ Caledon, but merely share contiguous seas. The arrangements for this, true, were due to friendly agreements between the heads of the three nations, but it is not an implied political relationship in the sense that many may be used to and assuming – no ‘League of Nations’, one would say.

Miss Serra, Seneschal of Winterfell, consulted with sages and came up with a name for the continent on which these three, and soon four (Lovelace Over the Sea) nations find themselves: the Realm of the Roses. It is far less biased a name than ‘Caledon and neighbours’, ja?


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Dear Baron,
Perhaps the use of the word “joining” could be seen as a verbal mischaracterization of the agreement between Caledon and its new neighbors. The intent of the phrase in question was merely to illustrate the physical association, the “joining” of borders (e.g. sea lanes”) between the nations in question that has happened recently.
It was not to imply that the sims in question had become part of Caledon, only to demonstrate the sway that Caledon in the SL Victorian arena.
Dr. Rafael Fabre

Baron K. Wulfenbach

Herr Doktor,

I apologise for over-explaining the point; I am sure you personally were well aware of the tone, or shall we say, the lay of the lands.

However, I know you have a wide readership and many of them would not have had access to some of the same information as you and I. I hope to forstall any misunderstandings from further afield.

As to your comment about Caledon’s slowing growth, I can actually provide a first-source quote for you (from here):

…But if economic conditions roughly remain the same, all things being equal, Caledon will be at maximum size in mid 2008. Yes, entirely completed, per a master plan I’ve been working with for months. Just seven more regions to go, six in 2008. Beyond that I *may* add one set of void sims, maybe, to link to some neighbours….

Once Northern Caledon is completed (Caledon Brigadoon, Caledon Cape Wrath) the focus will return to the south. Regions Caledon CaerClannagh, Caledon Downs, Caledon SouthEnd and Caledon Windemere. Another region, Caledon Rocabrannagh will be added to the mix in there somewhere – a mysterious offshore island with a secret. 🙂

This post is also where Herr Guvnah Shang mentions those invited to share nautical boundaries. Quite interesting, and as one who is engaged in long-term national planning at home, the differences are enlightning.


Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron

Desmond Shang

Fascinating question!

And such unique phrasing of it, too…

Caledon is nearing its proper size now. Five more regions to go is all, and they won’t change the overall size terribly much. Maps have been publically available for a long time re: the final shape of its coastline.

But I miiight have a surprise or two in the works!

Would you expect any less of me? I should certainly hope not…

*sly grin*

Desmond Shang, F.I.C.
Guvnah,Independent State Of Caledon

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Baron Wulfenbach – Thank you for the clarification regarding the Realm of the Roses, and the link to the Caledon forums about the proposed plans for Caledon. I completly agree that a correct understanding of the circumstances area an essential priority. Again, ty, sir!
@ Guvnah Shang – Sir, I’m certain that we come to expect no less from your master plans and are looking forward to the further sims and suprises you are planning!