gatehouse gazette issue 10 is on

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gatehouse Gazette, Issue #10, is on the virtual newstand!

Issue #10’s Cover Art

Issue Ten of the Gatehouse Gazette has been released!  Not many virtual periodicals garner my interest to the point that I am actively searching them out for their release, but I will confess, the Gatehouse is on of them!  This particular issues places a focus on Dieselpunk and how this particular genre is beginning to establish itself beyond the the confines of Steampunk.

(For those who may not be familiar with the term Dieselpunk, it is somewhat simiar to Steampunk, but set between the World Wars – from 1920 to 1939-ish.  Think of media such as “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow“, or for a more details definition, please look here: , or to take a bit of time to research the Gazette’s earlier issues, for their in-depth analysis analysis of the Dieselpunk genre).

However, plenty of Steampunk goodness exists in Issue 10, including…
… an extensive review of the internet series Riese,
… the Steampunk Wardrobe’s Miss Heyvaert’s review of aero/aviator’s attire,
… a comparative review of Angels of the Revolution to H.G. Well’s War in the Air,
… a preview of the Steampunk novel, The Bookman,
and much, much more!

Do take a moment, (well, actually, much more than that!), and eye this outstanding endeavor, at:

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