poll results on steampunk writers

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Poll Results on Steampunk Writers

The latest survey wrapped up a few days ago, and it may not be a surprise to many, but the legendary Jules Verne was named as the most influential writer in the genre by almost half (48%) of the respondents, followed by H.G. Wells with 26% of the vote. Mr. William Gibson and Mr. Bruce Sterling landed in third with 15%, with Mr. Samuel Clemens and Mrs. Mary Shelly receiving no votes (not even for Frankenstein, the seminal “mad scientist” novel – *sigh*!)

However, I failed to leave a spot for those who chose “other”, which garnered 9% of the vote (5 responses). If you did respond as “other”, or simply wish to make an observation, please feel to leave a notation as such – I’m quite interested in this category!

Again, as always, my thanks to the 52 individuals who answered for participating in this survey!

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