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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: Return to Laputa

The main street of the Sky City, abounding with merchants and cargos!

A while ago (back in early April), I had the opportunity to visit Laputa, a new Steampunk sim that focused on the aero aspect of the genre (read skyships). The “Sky City” was impressive then, even though it was still in its nascent stages, so though I wrote a small piece on it, I did my best to wait until it was better developed, and then pay it another visit.

The Balloon tour (just to the right of the tp point in Laputa)

Mr. Crunch Underwood, the sim owner, has done quite an impressive job in putting the final touches on Laputa since my last visit. A Steampunk balloon that allows a visitor a brief narrative tour about the sim, more (and some new and novel) Steampunk merchants, and one unique aspect that frankly, I’m surprised it hasn’t done before.

The Sky Docks in Laputa – most of the ships are out adventuring, I assume

Laputa has rental berths for skyships, to be used as domiciles for those who wish. It is located near the sim’s library, and is quite easy to navigate. The prim limit seems a bit low for a residential skyship (about 117 prims per berth, I believe), but the berths have been disappearing quite rapidly, from what I’ve seen.

The 10 Bells Tavern, a growing Steampunk entertainment venue

The 10 Bells Tavern had its “Grand Opening” last Friday, the 27th of June. Unfortunately, I did miss it, but am confident that in the future I’ll stop by and enjoy the entertainment.

The Main Library of Laputa (beware of little rodents…!)

The library appears to have been tweaked a bit, rendering it a bit more spacious, and small creatures have taken residence in its grounds (including a determined little rodent who tried to gnaw my lighted cane)!

Overhead shot of the Sky City

Mr. Underwood’s planning and execution in developing Laputa has been exceptional and bodes well for its future. It would seem that the Sky City appears to be on the cusp of becoming one of the favored destinations in the SL Steampunk / Neo-Victorian lands.

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Bettye Dugan

Dear Dr. Fabre,

I too enjoyed the Laputa sim on my last visit there, particularly the library. I seemed to have missed the rodents however. They must be a new occurence! I was fortunate to happen on the 10 Bells Tavern as well, and enjoyed the atmosphere very much. I shall be heading back that way myself when I can.

Miss Bettye Dugan