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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Primgraph’s Launch – Issue Six: New Babbage

The crowd gathers in the Lotus – the gem of the Vernian!

The weekend tends to be a bit temperamental IRL, but I was able to steal away for a moment on Sunday and indulge in perhaps one of the most popular events (and possibly the most crowded) in New Babbage. The “after party” party at the Lotus, Miss Carver’s lovley abode in the Vernian Sea, was the “place to be”, if measured by the quantity of Steampunk and Neo-Victorian notables who attended. Alas, I had to depart much too soon, but from what I gathered afterwards, it was exceptionally enjoyable!

And this lead to the now famous issue six, as seen above. I prefer to read it off-world (e.g. not in SL), as it is a bit easier on the eyes. Quite a time seeing who was mentioned, what was mentioned, and of course, the photography, which was up to their usual high standards. (My small ship actually made the issue – quite contented about that!) To read the “off-world” issue of the Primgraph, please turn to:

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