results from sl steamlands fleet week

Monday, November 22, 2010

Results from the SL Steamland’s Fleet Week!

This week saw the conclusion of Second Life’s Second Steamland’s Fleet Week, the largest gathering Steampunk sims in one location on the grid!  Its purpose was to renew the ties between the bonds between SL Steampunk sim and engage in a bit of friendly competition as well.

The results of the competition, as reported by the Fleet Week’s committee are as follows…
The Iron Melee had four scenarios, and winners of said events were as follows…
The Surface ship Scenarios was won by New Babbage,
The Airship scenario was won by Caledon,
The Capital ships scenario was won by Steeltopia,
and the “No Holes Barred” scenario was won by Caledon.
The Submarine races were decided as follows…
Mr. Jimmy Branagh took first place, with Miss Mary Edison taking second.
The specular Windjammers races had the following results…
First place in the SL Wind category was Mr. Wildstar Beaumont, followed by Mr. Victor1st Mornington in second place…
First place in the Non-SL Wind category was Mr. Jorge Serapis, with Mr. Victor1st Mornington taking second place there as well.

The Shipbuilder’s Exhibition, displaying fantastic creations for aqueous and aero endeavors, were…
Best in Show – Mr. Albus Weka, for his Sky Boat
Judges’ Choice – Mr. Nix Sands, for his Roller Ship Mk1
and another Judge’s Choice was Captain Static, for the Bloody Vengeance.

The Second Annual Uniform Dress Ball was yet another smashing success, which included the “Gnome Building” contest.  The results of the contest are as follows…

First place went to Mr. Edward Pearse’s Babbage Christmas Gnome (the fellow above sitting on the Christmas present), and Second place went to Miss BlakOpal Galicia “BlakOpal Holiday Gnome”.  For a full listing of the entrants, please visit the New Babbage website, at:

A hearty thanks to the organizing committee, and all the event participants!

(All photos are courtesy of Miss Breezy Carver)