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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rivet Town to Close!

As the story was first reported at Patent Pending, Rivet Town will cease its operation at the end of March. Perhaps one of the most picturesque and photographic sites in Second Life, much less among Steampunk and Neo-Victorian sims, Rivet Town was known for its adherence to genre role play, and ongoing story lines involving a good number of individuals…

… but unfortunately not enough individuals and traffic to support its endeavor. In spite of her tireless efforts, Miss Grace Loundon had to face the monthly piper, in the guise of the Linden Labs. Try as she might, she reached her limit, and had to make what was certain to be a difficult choice, the closing of Rivet Town.

An impressive builder, she not only carried numerous Stemapunk story lines, but ingeniously merged the Steampunk genre with Neo-Victorian atmosphere (to the chagrin to those who said such a thing is not possible).

As unfortunate as this news is, by all means take an opportunity to visit Rivet Town before the end of March, and enjoy its amazing atmosphere before it departs…

To read the statement by Miss Loundon, please turn to Patent Pending’s site, at:

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Yolanda Hirvi

Rivet Town truly is a wonderful creation and I am sad to see it go. It is certainly worth of seeing so hurry !