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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Steampunk on CNN’s “Geek Out!”

As one ventures outside the world of Steampunk, into larger media sources, one wonders if articles produced, which “explain” Steampunk, are providing a benefit to those who may not be familiar with the genre (in the sense of focusing on unique and creative aspects of the genre), or use Steampunk as a simple filler piece for harried journalists.  A majority of press pieces of late have been positive, though at times some are head-scratching odd, when trying to figure out an article’s storyline (beyond “those crazy people who dress like Victorians“).

Fortunately, CNN’s “Geek Out!” provides a nice review of Steampunk, focusing on Dragon*Con, and touches on convivial aspect that the majority of Steampunks enjoy.  Additionally, the comments are well balanced, with a compendium of satisfying retorts to the inevitable trolls by people who do appreciate the genre.  Worth a look, imo, so please follow the link here…

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