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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

RL Steampunk: Mr. Dagger’s visit to the Telectroscope

An overall view of the Telectroscope

Our own Mr. Skusting Dagger took a bit of time from his rl to visit the Telectroscope in New York – and was generous enough to provide exclusive photos from the excursion for the Heliograph. Outstanding good fortune to visit such a unique piece of RL Steampunk, but if anyone merits the opportunity, he certainly does! Sir, a wholehearted “Thank You” for the superb photowork.

Brassy Detail of the machine

A side view with amazing pipework

The top-most portion

Visitors from London, England peering across the Atlantic at Mr. Dagger’s profile

More beautiful detail

The handbill advertising the Telectroscope

Again, Thank You, sir!

1 comment:

Skusting Dagger

It was sheer pleasure visiting this magnificent… build!
And such a nice day for it, too, sunny and warm (actually quite hot out). Fortunately, there is an ice cream store within 75 feet of it! It was quite splendid waving to the Londoners and watching them wave back. (Sunny for me… rainy for them,,, they all had their brollies).