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Saturday, July 5, 2008

RL Steampunk: NY Times Steampunk-esque Articles

View from inside the cabin of a Zepplin over southern Germany.

Read the daily (electronic) fishwrapper, the New York Times, and was suprised to locate two stories that were potentially RL-Steampunk … Airships, and working with mechanical cog-driven machines.

The first article involves the possible rebirth of Zepplins in the Continent, specifically France and Germany, and the travails they face in bringing this form of transportation back to life. For more, please turn to…


Mr. Robert Coffin, master clock craftsman

A second article discusses a Mr. Coffin, one of the remaining master clock repairers in the United States. A very interesting story, including the part where he is described as only working on clocks that run “on cogs and springs” made me smile. To read more about this gentleman, please visit:


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