new babbage town hall meeting march 08

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Babbage Town Hall Meeting – March 08

Mayor Sprocket moderating the meeting

(Babbage Square) – The monthly town hall meeting of New Babbage took place today (01 March 08), and a good number of topics were covered. The official transcript will be avaliable in a few days on the official New Babbage Forum, but here is a brief synopsis…

1) A new movie involving residents of New Babbage will be filmed in the near future, so if you are a resident who are interested in being in this cinematographic effort, IM Mr. Oolon Sputnik for further information.

2) New Babbage Pallasaides will be on-line soon, and the Mayor is working hard to address issues involving its emergene. There are still a few parcels available, so if you are intersted in one, IM Shaunathan Sprocket about acquiring one of these spots, and becoming a resident. He did mention details about the wall to be built in it, and some of the rough drafts associated with it.

Miss Malaprop studying the planned wall for the Pallasides, with Miss Connolly amusingly studying the map for the aformentioned expansion.

3) Mr. Salazar Jack announced that “The Show Must Go On” production will return for 2008.

4) A new flag is being considered for New Babbage. Nothing official as of yet, but there is murmers of a contest about it – please stay tuned!

Miss Echegaray, Mr. Nemeth, your editor, and Mr. Jack at the meeting (with Miss Olivia hiding behind him…)

5) Finally, the New Babbage Ning was announced, in regards to any RP in New Babbage. If you are intersted in joining (free, of course), simply visit The Mayor stated that he will work towards developing a timeline for New Babbage, ideally within the month. For now, a good nubmer of individuals are working on their own backgrounds, and how they tie into New Babbage.

Well, buenas noches, and I hope to see you in-world!

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