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Saturday, June 21, 2008

RL Steampunk: The Times, White Mischief, and a bit further down the proverbial rabbit hole…

The UK side of the Telectroscope – certainly more detail (and the oh-so precious brass tubing!)

As I went searching for some RL steampunk bit of news, I was pleasntly suprised to discover that apparently the Times Online has annoited Steampunk as a microculture. Perhaps a gradual recognition that our beloved genre isn’t only a passing fad, but something more permanent?…


A link in this article led me to a RL Steampunk store titled “Got-Steam”. A new store, they are currently adding a plethora of beautiful items to their selection. (I must admit, their “Airship Academy” shirts will be amazing [they are not available just yet]! When I saw the “Berliner Luftsciff-Akademie” shirt, I immediatly knew I had to have one)! For futher goodies, from (expensive albeit beautiful) brass goggles, to airship papers, please visit their site, at:


Additionally, another link at the site led to London-based group called “White Mischief”, a Steampunk group of individuals who enjoy entertaining evenings out (*smiles*). Their website documents their latest going-ons, including the recent “Around the World in 80 Days” gathering, which looked stupendous, frankly! For more on this organization, please visit:


Miss Scrivener (I assume) during a jaunt in London, the capital of RL Steampunk!

And finally, I hapened upon a number of photos of Miss Amanda Scrivener, a Steampunk designer and article designer, who not only has quite the talent for designing era-specific attire, but is a superb photographer (based upon her photos). I was unable to locate a link to her enterprise, but, for further pictures from Miss Amanda Scrivener, please visit her flickr account at:


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