savage world of dr grordbort

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Savage World of Dr. Grordbort

A postcard from Dr. Grordbort, from his trip to Venus!

Unhappy with my previous little post, I found this article, and interview with Mr. Greg Broadmore, the gentleman behind the Dr. Grordbort, intrepid explorer. Starting as a lark during the while creating the dinosaurs for “King Kong”, he put together a few items, presented them to his employer (Weka Workshop), and realizing the collectable potential, the produced the brief Dr. Grordbort advert (seen below).

To read more about the story behind Dr. Grordbort, the upcoming graphic novels, and the upcoming web-shorts (which will obviously be shown on the Heliograph upon release), please turn to the IO9 article, at:

A small advert from the Dr. Grordbort graphic novel – quite nice!

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