second annual fleet week in sl

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Second Annual Fleet Week in SL Steamlands begins today!

The Fleet has arrived in Steeltopia!  Second Life Steamlands will be celebrating the Second Annual Fleet Week, this year in the exceptional sims which comprise Steeltopia.  The schedule of events is as follows…
Saturday, November 13th
     Fleet Week Grand Opening Ceremonies – 4pm SLT
     Shipbuilder’s Expo and and Shipbuilding Contest begins – 4pm SLT
     Seaman’s Ball – 6pm SLT
Sunday through Saturday 
     Shipbuilder’s Expo continues in Steeltopia
Thursday, November 18th
     Ironclad Melee – 5pm SLT
Friday, November 19th
     Belly-Up performance – 12:15 pm SLT
     Fleet Review – 1pm SLT
Saturday, November 20th
     Windjammer Race – 12 (noon) SLT
     Submarine Races – 2pm SLT
     Second Annual Uniform Ball at the Piermont Landing – 6pm SLT
For further details, please visit the entire schedule of events, at: