second lifes steam hunt 5 september 1st

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Second Life’s Steam Hunt 5 – September 1st through 30th!

The lovely Miss Breezy Carver, getting reading to start her own hunt!
The newest Steam Hunt, Steam Hunt V, will be starting this upcoming Wednesday, the 1st of August!  As a bit of teaser of the upcoming discoveries which may be found in the over 200 shops and stores involved in this event, the Steam Hunt’s main blog, at: , has a preview of the impressive good for those dedicated and persistent Steampunk enthusiasts!
After the success of the prior four Steam Hunts, the current one (the 5th), is by far the largest, with a wide selection of goods and items from the participating stores.  So if you happen to seek a Steampunk-themed challenge for September, do consider keeping up to date at its homepage, at: – happy hunting!

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