shakedown cruise in new babbage

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shakedown Cruise in New Babbage…

View of the Albatross over Port Babbage docks

Returned to the domicile to discover I had reached a (temporary) void of creativity. Still, I felt the need to contribute to the Heliograph, but struggled to find inspiration. Hopped offline to visit SLexchange, and decided to indulge in a new toy – my perky little airship, the Brass Albatross (yes, again, not too clever, but I did have to name it something, other than “the ship”). Flew around New Babbage on its shakedown cruise, to see how it would cross sims, and it held up quite well, with only one minor bug. So, my apologies in advance for this bit of self-indulgence, but I promise to return with entries that are a bit meatier than a simple photo-tour.

Flying out towards the Vernian Sea

Approaching the light house….

and reaching the southeast corner, rumored to be a hotbed of malicious characters!

Returning back to civilization, overlooking the Canals and the Square

A view from inside the cockpit of the bird, overlooking the church steeple

Returning back home, using the light as a beacon (its intended purpose – lol)!


Elfod Nemeth

Ah I remember you flying past while I was working on my Ironclad (grin)

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Ah! Was that you so busily working? Well, I was still trying to get the measure of controlling this little beast, so my apologies for not saying “hello”!

the architect

Very nice, your Albatross; may I give it a close look someday? I also flew my Airpod in those places (and I started to build a ship).

Daeon Aeon

Skusting Dagger

It would appear that the Dreamliner is a bit too modern for New Babbage what with its new fangled turbines and onboard computer panels.
Perhaps the creator could be persuaded to retrofit our engines and some of the interior panels. And even perhaps replace Felix with the Yellow Kid or Gertie the Dinosaur

Dr. Rafael Fabre

I can deal with the turbines and lighted panels (dials would be better…), but as much as I like Felix, some mod permissions would have been nice – esp. for the Yellow kid (lol)!