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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SL Gentlemen’s Accoutriments: Moustaches, Part 2

Discord Designs has quite a comprehensive selection of moustaches and beards

Well, it has been a busy RL week, but nonetheless, I wanted to ensure that I finished something of substance in the Heliograph, so I am going forth with a short piece on moustaches (and beards) for the Victorian & Steampunk Gentleman (and Lady, as a disguise or as part of a travelling show, I suppose)…

Discord carries both moustaches and beards, in a plethora of colors.

I start with Discord Designs, where I have obtained a good number of said items. The selection is located on the second floor, past the multitude of hairstyles (though there are some unique gentleman’s hairstyles on the ground floor).

Many era items (e.g. the “Bandito” moustaches) are clever finds at this emporium.
I must concede the selection at Discord has almost every moustache/beard style one can imagine (I have a Lenin, and I believe they have a version of a Dali moustache there). The color selection is also very good, with a wide selection of hair colors to match just about every shade one can think of. The prices are within the norm, from what I have seen from other vendors, so do expect to pay about L$200/a selection (if memory serves me correctly). So, if one is looking for that unique moustache / beard / muttonchops, ect…, do pay Discord Designs a visit.

** A clarification… Miss Kallisti Burns, a partner at the emporium, stated that the pricing for…

The mustaches and goatee type beards retail from 30L for a two color pack, 90L for 12 and 245L for all 72 shades… while the full beards are 60L a double, 180L for 12 and 490L for all 72.

Aparently my eye for thier selection is a bit larger than I realized! Nonethless, do visit Discord Designs and view the impressive selection of Gentleman’s additions there! ***

To learn more about Discord Designs, and or to visit Miss Burns’s website, please visit:


The entrance to “2 Bits”, a fantastic store!

I laud Duke Pearse for bringing “2 Bits” to my attention, as it has quickly become my favorite store for facial hair styles, for two simple reasons. First, the styles are very apropos for the Steampunk and Victorian era.

Yes, the advert is correct … only L$25, and Copy/Mod!

Secondly, all moustaches are not only copy/mod, but only L$25/each…. that is correct – only twenty five lindens per moustache. The selection is varied within colors, and though the styles are similar (or identical in some cases), for the price one simply cannot go wrong.

A wide selection awaits the connoisseur

In fact, make certain one “holds onto one’s wallet”, because, to paraphrase the popular snack commercial, one you try one, you can’t stop! I went with the intent on purchasing one or two, and left with eleven. So be warned, but do indulge in a visit to 2 bits, at:

Finally, I found this unique little build, with rides, in shape of moustaches, and they are free… oh never mind… If one wishes to visit it, please turn to:

On that note, good day, and until next time!


Kallisti Burns

Thank you for your coverage of my mustache and beard selection. Just a note about pricing though…

The mustaches and goatee type beards retail from 30L for a two color pack, 90L for 12 and 245L for all 72 shades… while the full beards are 60L a double, 180L for 12 and 490L for all 72.

I hope this clarifies a little

Kallisti Burns
(the short one at Discord Designs)

Dr. Rafael Fabre

Ah, thank you, Miss Burns – I shall update the pricing forthwith – and thank you for the vast selection of addtions you provide at Discord Deisgn!

Myke Amend

“Rides shaped like mustaches”

That is simply brilliant.

I will have to offer such trips to strangers, and send them your way should they be interested.