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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Steampunk Mouse – an amazing design to behold!

Mr. P. Balch contacted me the other day with an extraordinary work which is indeed stunning!  He designed a computer mouse, but not only is exceptionally Steampunk (quite obvious at first glance), but his website also contains detailed instruction on how to build and configure one of your own.  
Undertaking said enterprise to design and build your own unique mouse might seem particularly intimidating, but his tutorial on devising this mouse (albeit a similar one of your own) takes the concern from the work and tosses it right out the proverbial window!  To see more photos and get a tantalizing glimpse of how said mouse is made, do pay a visit to his website, at: !


Breezy Carver

Stunning Dear Dr Fabre !!
Wonderful share Sir as always 🙂

Amelia Beale

Absolutely fabulous & wonderfully macabre!