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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Seattle Steampunks band together to save a local Steampunk gem! – URL update!

Caroll’s Clock, in Seattle

The Seattle Steampunk Film Festival and the Steampunk University event are banding together to save an iconic era timepiece.  Caroll’s Clock (named as it stood outside Caroll’s Jewelry Store for almost one hundreds years {since 1913)), was donated to the Seattle Museum of History and industry in 2005.  Alas, a band of ruffians (less polite adjectives would be out of place here, though well merited), broke into the base of this clock the next year, and made off with its inner workings (replete with brass gears and cogs), rendering the clock inoperative.

A closeup of the timepiece’s faceplate – a gem!

The innards can be repaired, but at a hefty cost – about $4,000!  However, a band of good-hearted Steampunks have banded together to raise the remaining monies and help restore the clock to operation.  In addition to the Steampunk Film Festival (May 8th, 2010), there will be a Steam University – a comprehensive overview in preparation for the SteamCon to be held later this year in Seattle.  (The link to purchase tickts states it takes place on March 22nd…. but I believe May 22nd was the intended date, as it on a weekend, and hasn’t passed by on the calender yet!)  If one has the opportunity, to take advantage of both event both to meet new enthuisasts of the genre and to support a good cause!

For more details, please visit :
To purchase tickets for the event, please visit:
And to learn more about the travesty taken place, please visit:

** Update** 
The correct URL for the events can be located at: !  My apologies for the confusion – but do pay a visit!


Breezy Carver

Why Sir YOU found your ((second Life)) clock in real Life !!
Wonderful Share as always Most clever of YOU ! 🙂

T. Lilly

Its terrible that people would deface a historic icon, but heartening that these wonderful people are working on restoring it.


Oh, thank you for helping spread the word about this event! Were working hard to put on a full day of amusements!

One correction, though. The link youve posted listing where you can buy tickets is from last year. To register and learn about the classes being offered for Steampunk University this year, go to

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Miss Carver – Yes, it is a gem!

@ T. Lilly – There are always ruffians (or choose your own adjetive/noun combination), but its good to see the good efforts of the community taking place!

@ Miss Ericka – Noted and updated, thank you!

Steam Spectre

Wonderful! I live in the Seattle-area and am a budding steampunk enthusiast. Im so glad to hear about these events! The clock theft was so very ridiculous and its wonderful that people are working to save it. Im very glad to have found this blog. You always have lots of great info. Thank you!