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Friday, July 18, 2008

SL Steampunk: SL Tobacco Merchants

Enjoying a cigar at the New Babbage Palisade domiciliary, using the Don Reginaldo SmoKommander cigar HUD

I must admit that this piece is a bit out of the ordinary, but even though smoking isnt quite as healthy as it was portrayed at the turn of the century, it does have its place in the Steampunk genre. Be it a genius detective who smokes a pipe, a gruff engineer or sky pirate with a ever present cigar, or a femme fatale with a cigarette (and cigarette holder, of course), smoking was quite pervasive at the turn of the century, as noted in one of my earlier Heliograph articles…

Fortunately, in SL, one can avoid all of the inconveniences of smoking (e.g. smell, ashes, undesired addiction, ect) and have a smoke (following social norms, of course)! This being said, I am listing two of the enterprises that I frequent for cigars and pipes in SL

Outside Foxy’s Smoke Shop

Foxys Smoke Shop

One of the first smoke shops of any large measure in SL, Foxys has a wide selection of SL tobacco items, ranging from simple cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other items that can be smoked. In addition to the tobacco items, she has a number of smoking poses available, in case you wish to add one to your A/O.

The cigarette selection appears to be one of the best sellers at her store

I do own a number of her cigars and pipes, and her smoking HUD is practical with the specific effects of the particular smoked item (e.g. amount of smoke, type of exhalation, ect..) I find the basic pipes and cigars to be adequate, but personally, her smoking HUD is fairly large in size for my tastes – though if one wishes to exhale a dramatic amount of smoke (it does allow minute control of the item smoked), it is the one to use! With the selection she carries, a visit to her store is quite worthwhile.

To visit Foxy’s Smoke Shop, please turn to:


At the entrance of Don Reginaldo’s Cigars

Don Reginaldo Cigars

My newest discover in the realm of SL tobacco, Don Reginaldo (DR) carries an impressive number of cigars, cigarettes, and pipes. As it is a newer store, its products have the benefit of being designed with scuplties, allowing more realistic appearance of his products, especially the bowls of the pipes he sells (especially with his higher-end genre and fantasy pipes).

The location has an impressive selection of pipes, along with his cigar choices

Also, he has recently developed a HUD for his cigars, called the SmoKommander. It differs from Foxys insomuch that, if one purchases a set of cigars (e.g. one for each hand, and a third for the mouth), the SmoKommander will allow the particular cigar to transfer from hand, to mouth, to hand (or a variation there of), giving the impression of taking an inhalation from said cigar, then holding it in the hand (and it works in conjunction with other A/Os). [I must admit, it is my newest favorite SL item (lol)! However, to fully use A/O, one will need to purchase the smoke exhaler – a couple of more lindens, but well worth the investment.]

Another pleasureable aspect are the small bonuses that one can enjoy as a member of the DR group. From typical freebees (e.g. shirts, and the smart branded captain’s caps), to more unusual items, such as a dashing prim moustache (lol – I proudly wear when visiting the New Babbage Town Hall meetings). His creativity is quite admirable – from typical items (for smoking items)such as tropical clothes, to one I have been admiring from a distance, the impressive “cigar trees”, which produce cigars that can be smoked on the parcel the trees are located on (quite clever)! Needless to say, Don Reginaldo has quickly become one of my newest favorite SL Tobacconists!

Sporting a smart prim moustache, a benefit of being a member of the DR group!

To visit DR, please turn your browser to:

and allow yourself to be drawn to the front door by the Caribbean music!

Regardless of your choice, if you choose to indulge in genre-specific aspect, or simply wish to indulge in a virtual pastime, Foxys or Don Reginaldo are probably the best locations to visit for any tobacco needs.

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