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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Smoking Steampunk: The Foundry Cigars

The top of General Cigar’s Steampunk rolling table (a very nice salvage of a hydrometer)!
Had the opportunity yesterday to head to the local cigar shop to replenish my sadly empty-ish humidor.  Though I have a few Iguanas, I’ve taken a shining to my favored brand, the Isla del Sol… so when I headed back to acquire a few more, I was very pleasantly surprised to see an interesting little cigar… with a cog attached!  Obviously, I was going to have to indulge, but with my curiosity piqued, I obviously had to do more investigating…
A screen shot of the Foundry’s Steampunk cigar rolling table, built by the legendary Steampunk builder, Dr. Grymm Laboratories (photo court. of Damn Geeky)
… and discovered that indeed, Christmas can arrive at any point in the year, with my learning of General Cigar, LTD, and the establishment of the Foundry.  Aside from my own discover of the cigar (with a bit on this gem to follow), the initial eye-catching item is the very optically seducing work of a genre cigar rolling table by Dr. Grymm Laboratories.  A fancier take on the Tocedor’s (cigar roller) stand, this work is a sight to behold, and infact, one can see it on the clip below, as narrated by Mr. M. Giannini, the creative director at General Cigar.
I will admit to having a few concerns with the cigar, as though I enjoyed the aesthetic touches (the box beautiful, and of course, one cannot miss the cog..), I hoped that the stick was more than just “sizzle”… and fortunatly, it is an outstanding cigar unto itself!  It has a mild-to-medium body (to my taste), and a healthy draw, I found it to be a very pleasing and enjoyable stick to indulge on a lazy Saturday, while watching a game, or working on a Steampunk article (as I’m currently doing).  Be one a connoisseur of cigars, an occasional smoker, or just curious and wishing to try a very good cigar, I would most highly recommend any of the Foundry’s selections, be it the “Wells”, “Talbot”, “Lovelace”, or “Cayley” (the next size to try)!
A photo of one of the Foundry’s excellent works!  (the Cayley, I believe)

For more information regarding the cigars (e.g. reviews), including more technical “cigar-speak” work, please visit: (Tampa Bay Cigar):

… and a bit more on the superlative rolling table, at: 
A short review of the Foundry’s cigars, court. of

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David A. Carlson

Smoking my first one now. Very good. It has a kind of woody flavor. Possibly from the wood it is stored in. (I dont know, I am no cigar afficianado) I also love the brass gear/cog. It makes a great ring, so you get a souvenir along with a smooth, excellent smoke.