space 1889 vandals on venus has been

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Space 1889: Vandals on Venus has been released!

The second installment of Space: 1889 has been released!  Vandals on Venus is the second in the first series from the original Steampunk series is available in ebook, details the adventures of Nathanial Stone, when he…
“… gets an emergency message from an old friend on Venus, begging for his help, his duty is clear: he must go at once!  

His ward, Miss Annabelle Somerset, instead of agreeing to stay safely on Earth as he begs, insists on accompanying him to the dangerous tropical planet, home of huge reptiles.

Soon, Nathanial and Annabelle find themselves in the middle of a plot concerning a nefarious German officer, a brilliant English inventor, an Irish guide no better than he should be, a heavily-armed lizard-man, and a clever American newspaperman.

Can they prevail against such odds?”
To enjoy the latest adventures (perhaps acquire the first in the series), which as been so amazingly successful it has been picked up for a second series, please visit, Untreed Read Store’s Space: 1889 page, at:
And obtain yet more details about the future of the series, by the Master of Classic Steampunk, Mr. Frank Chadwick, at his outstanding website…
… and visit Mr. Frankham-Allen’s website, with yet more details about Vandals on Venus, at:

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