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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Steampunk Artistic Inspiration #9: DarthIgorMortis

Many have their own reasons for induling in virtual Steampunk worlds, for stories, interaction, and of course, photography.  As odd as it might seem (at least to those who have not had the opportunity to experiment with SL photography), it can be a challenge, but a boon to those wishing to tell stories and provide illustrations of unique worlds (such as Steampunk).  Mr. DarthIgorMortis, is a prime example of a gentleman with such a talent and eye for composition.

Working for the most part with SL compositions, he has created some intriguing and thematically dynamic works using a combination of excellent topic choice, along with photoshop skills to portray an aged look to his work.  Though he has a good number of Steampunk images, I am partial to those with a nautical theme, so it seemed appropriate to add a few said works on the Tribune.

His work certainly conveys a rough-hewn atmosphere of Steampunk, and to see more of his works, please do consider a visit to his Deviant Art page, located at:

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