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Monday, July 6, 2009

Steampunk Media: Gatehouse Gazette #7

The newest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette has been out on the street, and I have to admit, I have been quite lackadaisical in keeping up to speed with it! The newest edition is an excellent read, I must add – though its focus is on the classic piece of cinematographic art of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (which is outstanding), there are a good number of Steampunk articles. Book reviews, original pieces of Steampunk fiction (I especially enjoy the “Steam from the Old Smoke” by Brigadier Sir Arthur Wierdy-Beady (ret.) narrative), and of course, the sharp design sense of the Steampunk fashionist, Miss Hilde Heyvaert!

To read the recent issue, please turn to:

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Nick Ottens

Thank you kindly for featuring our latest edition, sir!