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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Steam Snail

Venturing past the Steamlands is always tentative, with its own unique cultural memes (e.g. Zyngo, tarts, and other oddities), so knowing of small venues to receive a respite is always a welcome bit of knowledge.  One said locales is a small floating destination titled “Steam Snail”.

The top deck of the Steam Snail

Steam Snail is the product of Mr. GianLuca Arashi, who kindly designed this unique outpost, with a bit of assistance from some mechanical friend (who can be seen helping “lift” the Steam Snail build).  Simple but nicely designed, the location integrates both Steampunk and nautical themes in its construction.

Peering down into the main abode of Mr. Arashi
If you happen to be subsumed by a plethora of noobs asking for “free donations” (aka, begging for lindens), or any other ill characterization or comportment while on the mainland, do consider a brief trip to indulge in one’s genere of choice, by visiting Steam Snail, at: !
Alas, no one was home, but nice hookah – wonder what was being smoked….?
One of Steam Snail’s diligent workers, holding up the build!

As one can see, there are two extra levels where one can visit and relax without disturbance!


Rhianon Jameson

What wonderful pictures of that quirky place! I was there just last night, having received an invitation to join a Steam Snail group, which got me to follow the link to the balloon/docking station/platform. Very Steampunk indeed, though it lacks any real context. Is there a backstory to the place, or is it merely the owners Steampunk refuge from the tawdriness below? Although the little robot gives out a card, the card itself is silent on the issue.


@ Ms. Jameson – Well, not quite sure about the locale. I believe the fellow is Italian, but beyond that he is a mystery!