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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Steampunk Business: Autogenic Alchemy

Logo of Autogenic Alchemy

(Caledon Penzance) – Always on the look out for superb steampunk entrepreneurs, I stumbled across Autogenic Alchemy, run by Mr. Fawkes Allen, and his shop girl, Miss Emily Orr. I saw the items they have for sale, and was impressed at their uniqueness and attention to detail.

I will be visiting their store in short order, but if the “Catnip Clockwork”, a beautifully detailed mechanical mouse, and their selection of “Bedlam Eyes” are any indication of their future products, I’m certain I will be a regular customer at their business endeavor…

One can visit their store at:

[Oh, and I can’t forget their “Clockwork Citrus” – mechanical oranges and grapefruits. The small details are what separate common “Victorian” backgrounds versus the beauty and uniqueness of Steampunk…]


Emilly Orr

I’m still amazed you mentioned us. Thank you, ever so.

Currently, the Keyed Lime, last (for now) in the Clockwork Citrus series, is defeating me–but I will not be swayed!

I may temporize, though, if the scripting continues as hellishly, and make a Keyed Lime Pie instead. Dratted thing.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

My dear Miss Orr,
It was a pleasure to learn about your establishment! I do wish you the best of luck with your pie… they can contain the darndest things…(scripts only make them worse!)