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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Steampunk Connections, at the

As those who have been following this blog have noticed over its existence, I have attempted to work on a centralized site to consolidated the many strands of Steampunk in one semi-central area.  The Steampunk Empire does an excellent job to a point, but the focus of the Empire is as a forum for those involved in the genre, as opposed to a locale for merchants to display their wares.  Thus, I was quite happy when I came across Steampunk Connections, which is part of  It is a very nicely formatted location, with plenty of potential to be an excellent location to find that special something for one’s eye!  To take a gander, please do visit their site, located at: (and do scroll down a bit – the splash page is a bit… well, the good information is just below “ad choices” box).

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Hi there.
I tried to find an email address on this site to send this to, but couldnt locate one. I hope you dont mind this means of contact.
My names Laura, but you might remember me better as Katarina Navane. Weve talked on brassgoggles before, and I was a featured artist here back in 2008. I just recently remembered that feature when it turned up in my self-googling.
Now, four years later, I am still making steampunk art and have grown significantly as both a craftsman and an artist, and am honestly a little embarrassed at the pieces I was doing back in 2008, which was my freshman year of college. I was curious if you might be interested in doing a follow-up piece to
show the readers how my work has improved since then.
You can see my more recent work at any of these places:

Let me know if you might be interested, Id be happy to answer any questions you might have. The best way to contact me is either via email at or via the facebook link above.
Thanks for your consideration.
AKA KatarinaNavane