most popular sherlock holmes is

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Steampunk Poll: The most popular Sherlock Holmes on film is…

Mr. Jeremy Brett, of the television series from the mid-1980s and 1990s. First shown on ITV, it made its way to the US, where it was shown on the PBS networks, and perhaps ingraining itself in the collective of the recent generations of Sherlock Holmes readers.

Out of the 178 votes casted, the numbers ran as this

Mr. Jeremy Brett had 73 votes, or 41% of the total
Mr. Basil Rathbone had 46 votes, or 25% of the total
Mr. Robert Downey Jr. had 40 votes, or 22% of the total
“Other” registered with 12 votes, or 6% of the total, with specific comments for Mr. Michael Caine and Mr. Christopher Plumber)
and Mr. Peter Cushing had the least amount of votes of the listed individuals, with 7, or 3% of the total.

My thanks to all who voted, and the following links may be of interest
The original poll entry, at:
and the Sherlock Holmes Wiki, at:
… and an audio interview with the author of the “Annotated Sherlock Holmes”, published in 2004, at:
additionally, I will be adding a dedicated corner to the “Steampunk Links” listing, so do keep an eye out for it!

I’ve been a tad remiss with the Christmas poll question, that of one’s favorite version of the classic “Christmas Carol”. The most frequented choice was “other” – not what I expected, but with the vast majority of choices not listed, a 44% vote choice certainly shows that the favorite extends over a vast quantity of versions of the movie. The second and third most popular choices (the 1951 and 1938 versions of the production followed (with 9 votes [25% of the vote] and 8 votes [22% of the vote]), and the remaining choices followed with the Jim Carey remake garnering 2 votes (5%), with the 1971 animated version on the caboose of the voting, with a single choice in its favor (2% of the vote). A thanks to all who voted on this question during the holidays!

At the risk of not having a poll question ready, I will go ahead an post the next question, and promise to follow up with the narrative in short order!  The Question… “Which Canadian city best represents Steampunk ?”


Fuzzball Ortega

I will admit, after seeing Robert Downey Jr as Holmes, that the new film was quite enjoyable. Mr. Downey is the perfect Holmes for the Steampunk in all of us.

However, Jeremy Brett, in my opinion, was THE definitive Holmes.

Russell Potter

I came upon this poll too late to vote in it — and I would agree, Brett is the finest of all who have taken on the role of Holmes — but I was surprised to see that no one here at all voted for Vasily Livanov! He was the star of 11 episodes based on the Holmes stories produced by Lenfilm in the 70s and 80s in the Soveit Union. Its tricky, but you can track down DVDs with subtitles, and Livanov is an extraordinary Holmes, right up there behind Brett in my estimation. The production values are at times uneven, but theres an extra layer of suitably Steampunk darkness, with rich coppers and dusky greens, as the series was shot in old county manors and houses in the Soviet Union. Vitaly Solomin, who plays Watson in this series, is in my view the finest Watson ever; their version of the Reichenbach is superb. There are also several stories — such as "The Engineers Thumb" — never done by the Granada series with Brett. I recommend this series very highly indeed!

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Mr. Ortega – I did enjoy his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, as did many did – and look forward to the proposed sequel as well!

@ Mr. Potter – Thank you, sir! I had no knowledge of the aforementioned Soviet portrayal, but I will get dust of my hat and get cracking to see if there is anything on it online. (or at the very least find a copy of it offline)!