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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Steampunk Conventions and listings on the Airship Ambassador and the Steampunk Empire!

One of the many changes I have planned this year involves becoming a tad more involved with Steampunk conventions (as in attendence).  For a bit, the Tribune did have a side bar which listed Steampunk events and  goings on, but I never considered it to be as informative as I had hoped.  However, the oustsanding aethersite The Airship Ambassador has a quite comprehensive listing of information which would be useful to those seeking further involvment in the RL Steampunk realms.  Specifically, their “Events” page provide a listing of upcoming Steampunk conventions and gatherings, groups, and Twitter updates, and much, much more!  If seeking to plan your travelling schedule around Steampunk happenings, I would most heartedly recommend a healthy visit to the Airship Ambassador’s locale for comprehensive information, located at:

Additionally, I would like to state that the Steampunk Empire also has an excellent listing of upcoming Steampunk events – frequently updated, and exceptinally inclusive (as many intriguing events are listed here as well)!  Do consider a visit to the Steampunk Empire’s Events page, at:

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