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Friday, August 20, 2010

Steampunk Employment – AIR seeking artists!

The Steampunk MMORPG AIR is seeking talented artists to assist in its graphic work.  Per the announcement at its homepage…

As a precursor to the MMORPG AIR: Steampunk, Hatboy Studios will be releasing a series of graphic novels set in the world of AIR.  The first graphic novel is planned for release in Spring 2011.  The script is already written, and printing and distribution are set to go upon completion of the project.  Hatboy Studios is looking for qualified comic book artists interested in joining this important project.  We are looking for both line artists and colorists (line artists must be skilled in both penciling and inking).  Applicants must be able to keep and meet their deadlines.
To apply, submit the following to
1. Character samples of some kind
2. At least one full sample page of your previous graphic novel art
3. A list of your past projects
4. Your website (preferably containing your portfolio)
5. Your full name
6. Your preferred email
As extra credit, you may send a draft illustration of a female fighter pilot stepping out of her planes cockpit, with one foot on the edge.  She should be holding a revolver in one hand.  The image should have a majestic quality and contain an early 20th century (First World War era) feel.  For AIR setting reference material, please consult the refined concept art folder on our Facebook fan page.  This additional piece is not mandatory, but it will help us get a feel for how you are likely to approach the imagery of the setting.

To learn more about AIR, please visit their website, or associated Facebook and MySpace locations, at:
(A tip of the Tophat to Miss Evelyn for the lead!  Thank you, madam!)

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