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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Steampunk Entertainment: Aeropack, a new iPhone game

Received word on the release of a new Steampunk app for the iPhone and iTouch titled “Aeropack“.  A very deceptively simple premise, it requires that one maneuvers an individual, utilizing a steampack, through thirty (30) differing levels.  Of course, things are never as simple as they appear, as there are challenges awaiting derail your efforts at every opportunity!

A peek at the game-play of Aeropack!

Its developer, Micah Lee, said that Aeropack was a nod to the retro-ninties game Jetpack, a devilish little challenge in it own right.  Though it will be available in early February in the App Store, one can obtain a free copy for the Mac by visiting their website, at: .  If you have the opportunity, ensure you do avail yourself of a copy!

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Greetings! Im the developer who made Aeropack and Im just posting to let you know that it was released in the App Store today!

You can get it from the App Store here: