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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Steampunk Media: War of the Worlds remake

A quick visit to outstanding Clockworker website (and a tip of the hat to the good gentleman), provided this lead to the new animated remake of the War of the Worlds.  It does lean a bit more towards the Edwardian / Dieselpunk for fictional narrative, but as one commenter on the post stated…

Let me break this apart

We have a zeppelin/aircraft carrier the size of a Star Destroyer
Starfighter vs Biplane dogfights
Giant Laser Tanks/Walkers
Martians got fancy new tripods (Now with moar tentacles!)
and Steampunk

The only way this movie can go wrong is if Teddy Roosevelt doesn’t take down a martian tripod with his bare hands.  (comment from McLovin 2169)

I must concur!  I will be keeping an eye out for this work, but to learn more, please turn to:

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