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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Steampunk Entertainment: The Windrow-Ravensworth Deck

(The King of Cogs and the Ace of the Sea are pictured above)
While visiting the New Babbage Ning, a notice was placed by Mr. Blackberry Harvey (a tip-of-the-hat, sir!) regarding a very unique piece of art being designed by one of his RL associates, a Mr. Winneganfake.  The gentleman in question is a artist whose current work lies towards the games of chance, or in this case, designing a very unique set of card – ideal for those of a Steampunk bent.
(The Three of Sea and the Ace of Circles are pictured above)
Currently, Mr. Winneganfake is designing a new card daily, beginning in January of 2010, which approximates a completion date in March.  A more unique set of items would be hard to locate, so if one wishes to test lady-luck in a Steampunk-eque manner, pay a visit to his Deviant Art site to see a collection of complete playing cards, at:
(The Ace of Cogs and the Two of Circles are pictured above)
If you happen to take a fancy to the work, an option to pre-order a set, along with hand-sewn bag for their care and storage.  More information on the pre-orders are available at:
(The Four of Bones and the Knave of Bones are pictured above)



Wonderful stuff!

Count St. Germain II

Those are pretty darned cool. Think Im going to have pick one up. Nice little item to keep in ones pocket should one need to settle a bet over ownership of an airship.

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Mr. Don – Indeed, they caught my eye I first saw them. I believe I shall have to pre-order a set myself!

@ Count S. Germain II – Quite agree… very reminiscent of old European playing cards (with cups and coins, ect…), but more appropriate for settling scores at ports-of-call, Id say!