new babbage register has started up

Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Babbage Register has started up…

The virtual Steampunk City-State of New Babbage has had a number of off-world incarnations since its inception.  From the original New Babbage Forums & New Babbage Cog, to the New Babbage Ning, and the current City of New Babbage homepage, many changes have taken place, but unfortunately, much has been lost of one of Second Life’s longest lasting Steamland sims (though not as long Caledon, to respond to those who were already thinking of sharpening their pencils regarding this)!

To try to address the loss of history that has taken place over the years, I’ve started up the New Babbage Register, to assist the formal New Babbage Department of Records and Archives in keeping New Babbage’s past intact.  Its a bit of a Gibbon-esque endeavor, and though I’m no classic historian by any measure, hopefully it’ll add a bit of retrospective flavor to the entirety of New Babbage.  To take a peek at this work in progress, please turn to:

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