steampunk events 30 31 may 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Steampunk Events: 30 – 31 May, 2009

A pair of unique early events this weekend in Steampunk circles, starting with…

What: Mayor Tenk’s Rezday Party
When: Saturday the 30th of May, from 8 to 10 AM SLT
Where: Boylai Plaza, Babbage Square, New Babbage

Music: Saturday morning cartoons for the ears! Edward Pearse of Radio Riel will be spinning from his infamous collection of novelty music.

One’s second rezday is widely held to be when one comes of age. For my rezday I want read a book to rest from my studies. I need a reading chair.

Category 1: Practical17 prim limit to fit the household budget
Prize: L$1500/1000/500

Category 2: Primmy70 prim limitPrize: L$1500/1000/500

Best in Show: L$1500

Additionally, a Mayor’s Prize will be offered for pose or animation. Eligible chairs will be of normal adult size but allow a shortie to sit comfortably without swallowing body parts or leaving them hanging in air.

Guest Judge: a prominent librarian has been invited to judge, as Mr. Tenk has probably forgotten how to properly settle down to read for pleasure.

Entries may be placed designated areas inside Bolyai Plaza starting May 25th. You may mark for sale. Please check “Allow anyone to move” so I can move them around as needed. One entry per category (that means 2 max).

“The Mermaid and the Moon Turtle”, by Mr. Mako Kungfu

Later that morning, it will be followed by the…

What: The Remade Masquared Ball
When: Saturday, the 30th of May, from 12 to 2 pm SLT
Where: The Wheel House, Armada

A chance to show off all of your… accessories.Groove and strut to the smokin sounds of DJ Thursday, the Mechanical Man!

Come check out the winners of the Builders comp in all their altered finery!

Finally, there is an entertainment venue associated with New Babbbage, thought it isn’t exactly in New Babbage…

What: Shimmy for a Cure
When: Sunday, the 31st of May, starting at 1 pm SLT
Where: The New Champagne Rooms, Jersey Island

As a special fundraiser for Relay For Llife, the Champagne Ladies will be onstage May 31st at 1pm SLT to tease and tantalize with class and just a touch of sass! And as a special treat, the vivacious Miss Vivienne Dufaux from the Original Moulin Rouge will be there to spin music as well!

All proceeds will go to support Relay for Life as we aim to find a cure for cancer and support the lives and families affected by the disease.

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Mako Kungfu

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