steampunk events for june 3rd to 5th

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Steampunk Events for June 3rd to 5th, 2011

The first event in this weekend’s listing is from the virtual worlds… but not Second Life!  This event is a brand new Steampunk build in InWorldz, sponsored by Red Pyramid, who will be displaying this innovative build, or as Mr. Nyx Breen stated in his press release…

“The Marvels of Yesterdays Future are here for today for your entertainment and exploration. Some of Inworldz most creative and innovative creators have joined together to build a unique sim based theme in the Victorian and Steampunk styles. The grand opening is this Friday evening (time will be announced) and the sim will remain open for your exploration for the next several weeks.”

The grand opening, which will take place on Friday evening, will be unique, being in InWorldz.  Though this platform has its growing pains, it does have one notable benefit compared to Second Life, in prim usage.  (Ed. note… for those not familiar with virtual worlds, a “prim” might be considered a “building block, akin to a malleable Lego”).  Whereas a Second Life sim might hold about 15,000 prims, an InWorldz sim holds about 45,000 – a substantial bit more!  So if one wishes to take a trip to InWorldz and see Red Pyramid’s new Steampunk build, to consider signing up (for free, of course), at:

Back in the real world of Steampunk, a novel event will be taking place in Fort Worth, on the 4th of June… the Difference Engine event will have its debut!  A brain child of Mr. Ramon del Mar (ed. note – a frequent contributor to the Steampunk Tribune), the Difference Engine is a highly immersive Steampunk event in two parts – the first of which will be taking place this weekend… to do it justice, do pay a visit to the Difference Engine’s website, where one can learn its details, at:

Last but not least, Steampunk Chicago will have yet another of its amazing events!  The Polyphonic Panorama will be a night of Steampunk, Vaudeville, Pirates, and much more!  For more details, and enticing information of the talented performers, please do take a moment to travel to this link…

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