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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Classic Jules Verne: The Demon of Cawnpore review by the A.V. Club

As much as I do enjoy reading the newer Steampunk fiction, which is appearing to be growing steadily in recent times, finding a lesser known gem by a classic master is always an enjoyable surprise.  As part of a larger project, a Mr. K. Phipps from the A.V. Club website penned a review of a Jules Verne work from 1880 entitled “The Demon of Cawnpore“.  The work involves Steampunk residences being conveyed by elephants, revenge, massacres, and an era view of India which may not conform with certain segments of Steampunk society.  However, since was written by one classic Steampunk authors, I would argue that making the effort to find and read it is certainly a worthy endeavor (which I’ll commence upon the completion of this small bit)!  To learn more about “The Demon of Cawnpore“, please turn to the review, located at:,39105/

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