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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Punkettes – An outstanding new Steampunk & Dieselpunk blog!

As part of “window of opportunity” I’m enjoying whilst Mr. (Hurricane) Isaac passes by, I did want to make a point of posting on an excellent new blog titled “The Punkettes”!  This outstanding endeavor is the labor of three industrious writers each have the mantle of a genre affinity: Ms. R. Sky is the Clockpunkette, Ms. Lindsay is the Dieselpunkette, and Ms. E. Latimer is the Steampunkette.  This “Charlie’s Angel’s” triumvirate have already produced a number of works, and they have demonstrated an astute eye for new Steampunk (and longitudinal genre) news, so much that adding them to the Steampunk Links is a no-brainer (not that the first image I saw on their site was the patron-saint of Steampunk, the luminous Mr. Tesla, followed by an article by my personal favorite Steampunk animal… the octopus)!  Don’t dally any more!… take a gander of the Punkettes, located at:

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