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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Slatter’s Electro-Mechanical Personal Steam Powered Power Plant and Geist Goggles

Having a bit of a challenge hunting down a few photos of the Steampunk events at Dragon*Con, but for the meantime, I happened up on Mr. Slatter’s outstanding advert for his new accoutrement.  Mr. Slatter is a Renaissance Steampunk Gentleman, with talents ranging from video to the musical!  After enjoying his production of his latest invention, do pay a visit to his website to garner more insights from the good sir, at:

Slatters Electro Mechanical Personal Steam Powered Power Plant and Geist Goggles from The Dark Power on Vimeo.

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Thanks for mentioning our video!

In fact the visual side of the video is the work of my younger brother, Joe Slatter who can be found over at I just did the voiceover (and the music for the forthcoming music video)

This is just a taster of the full music video that will be finished in a couple of months.