steampunk events for november 19th 21st

Friday, November 19, 2010

Steampunk Events for November 19th -21st, 2010…

This is the week many have been waiting for in RL (and in SL), the second Steamcon, in the brisk city of Seattle, Washington State.  It looks to be a very good event, with an excellent turnout expected and a large number of unique events taking place.  Aside from a long list of luminaries visiting (including Mr. Jake Von Slatt, Mr. James Blaylock, Ms. Cheri Priest, and Mr. Phil &Ms. Kaja Foglio, to point out a few of the many guests), a list of items taking place did catch my eye, including…

  • Two of my favorite Steampunk musical performers, Miss Unwoman and Miss Veronique Chevalier
  • Numerous new games, including a new SPACE 1889 RPG scenario titled “Red Sands”
  • An outstanding art exhibition (including another personal favorite of mine, Mr. James Ng
  • and frankly, a plethora of outstanding things to do!

For a much more in depth review, or details while you are visiting SteamCon II, please visit their website, at:

If one is unable to attend the real world Steam event, then SL provides an excellent alternative!  The culmination of the Steamland’s Fleet Week reaches a crescendo with a series of events, including the Windjammer Race, the ever-popular Submarine Races, and of course, the second Annual Formal Uniform Dress Ball, held at the Piermont Landing.  To eye an extended course of events of the completion of Fleet Week, please visit New Babbage’s website, at:



This sunday this event is taking place in NYC that is steampunk themed all the info you can get here

Second is the world first steampunk themed book store is opening here is all the info on there grand opening party