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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Steampunk Facebook Pages…

Although the Steampunk Facebook links have been a popular addition to the Steampunk Tribune, its a bit of a chore for those interested in finding it, as its buried far down the sidebar of the blog.  So, as a bit of a project, I revamped a previous blog into a central area for Steampunk Facebook links… and very unimaginatively called it the “Steampunk Facebook Pages“.  Its still undergoing a few updates and a bit of polishing, but with a bit of time off in the near future, I do expect to have it done.

I realize that there are a still a number of people who have requests for an add, or perhaps wish to be added, so to ensure one’s Facebook link is listed, you can either…
a) Leave a comment, with your Facebook address, and I will post it… or…
b) Send an email regarding “Facebook” in the leader line, and I will post it.

(As such, I’ll be removing the Steampunk Links on the main page by the end of the month, along with the dedicated header page, as I don’t really think its doing the job very well.)  

Additionally, I’ll be removing the ETSY pages from the Steampunk Tribune, as I haven’t really updated them as I had anticipated, so I don’t believe its been as helpful as I had hoped   But… there is a link on the left side of the Steampunk Facebook Pages for merchants, so if your endeavor has a Facebook Link, I’ll be happy to post it!

(Once more, this work is still in the process of being updated, so please do be patient!)

The blog address is:, so do feel free to stop by if this catches your fancy!



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… Id love to be added to your listing. Thank you.