update heliograph becomes steampunk

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Update: The Heliograph becomes the Steampunk Tribune

“Airship Station Building 1” by ~Alanise

Hello and greetings!  Been quite busy with RL and SL as of late, which has unfortunately cut into my blogging time.  Nonetheless, one change readers may have noticed was the migration from “The Heliograph” to the “Steampunk Tribune”.  Why the change?  Well, to provide a more concise explanation of what exactly the blog is about (to new visitors, anyways) and a concurrent URL to match the blog’s title.  (The old “voyagesofdrfabre.blogspot.com” url was a tad unwieldy – choosing a good URL is  a hard lesson to learn when one starts blogging)!

“Airship Station Building 2”, by ~Alanise

I was hoping to consolidate things in one fell swoop, but the best laid plans and such, kept it from happening.  The old URL still works, and will direct one to the blog, but the “steampunktribune.com” will be the main URL for future use.

“Depths of Fear”, by ~Alanise

However, I’ll still endeavor to maintain up-to-date news and events for Steampunk, both in RL and SL, so fear not.  On a final note, I’ve taken the liberty of posting some images from an excellent artist named Alanise  – to take a moment to visit her deviant art locale (listed under the graphics), or her own website, at: http://www.facetedmind.com/


Breezy Carver

Raises Glass "Cheers" A Toast Sir !!

Merryann Munster

Easter is a time of new beginnings. Well done! I like the name, too.


Thanks a lot for posting up my art up I always been a fan of steampunk and working a new steampunk piece, I have been looking for an excuse to use the steampunk goggles I modeled a few months ago found here http://alanise.deviantart.com/art/Steampunk-Goggles-For-sell-150106663

Dr. Rafael Fabre

@ Miss Carver and Miss Munster: Thank you very much, ladies. I do appreciate very much the kind conveyance of support!

@ Miss Tina: The opportunity to post your beautiful works is my pleasure, madam. If you do get a yen to design more Steampunk artistry, please feel free to bend my ear, and Id be happy to post it as well!